Monday, September 10, 2012

"Good memories are like charms. Each is special. You collect them, one by one, until one day you look back and discover they make a long, colorful bracelet.” - James Patterson  

Dear blog,
Has it really been more than a month? I made a point to stop paying you a visit during the month of Ramadan because you know I mostly only write lagha stuffs here (tried to limit my tweets as well but wasn't successful of course) and what do I know, suddenly I kinda forgot altogether about your existence. I still love you though, I mean, we've been together for over 9 years! If this ain't love, I don't know what this is. Anyways, a lot have happened, my dear.

From the holy month of Ramadan.

To the husband's pre-Ramadan weight loss. Say "Wooot!"

To the little one's newfound obsession with superheroes. This Batman looks supergay OK, seriously!

To the best moreh with Ayin's little girl, the ever so cheeky Kasih. The kids had the most fun I think.

To last minute raya shopping.

To the night of Syawal eve, when we introduced the little one to bunga api and scared him off.

To the beautiful first Syawal, when the little one refused to cooperate hence leaving us with no proper family portrait.

To being at the airport twice on first Syawal, first to send BIL off for his flight back to London and later at night, for our own flight to Kuala Lumpur, the home of two of my most favourite people in the world.

To annual trip to Penang, home of good food & beloved relatives.

To adik-adik's surprise homecoming from Oz.

To an attempt for family portrait and as you can see, dear blog, no cooperation from the little one.

To opening our humble home to friends and family.


To another date with Kasih, who looked mighty pretty in the kurung I got her from LizOthman.

To yet another raya date with Kasih. We really wish we could do this more often, but Kasih is now back in Bintulu and we miss her oh so dearly.

To a surprise bridal shower my girls and I planned for our dear Dod. Yes I made those cupcake toppers. And yes, I take orders! More on the event later.


To finding out about the new man of steel, oh my. Oh I think Henry Cavalli would make the perfect Christian Grey, don't you think so, dear blog? It's either him or Ian Somerhalder and no one else will do. Oh yes I've read the 50 Shades trilogy but more on that later (I promise you I'm not a pervert though). Ngeee.

So dear blog, shall I leave you with our new Superman for now? I want to write more but I need to get back to my research here. I'll be back soon, dear blog. Hopefully real soon.

Love, your neurotic Marliza Radzi.


Alin Marlini said...

Belum terlambat ucap Selamat Hari Raya Am...

Abey Laza kawin ritu am pegi ke?

Marliza Radzi said...

Tak pergipun. Eh Kak Lin tak gi? Ex boss tu! Hehe. Selama hari raya!

AyinEmran said...

Alamak banyak rupanya date Kasih dgn Hadi. Sampai Kasih claim kawan dia Hadi sorang je. Haha. (Haritu tiba-tiba dia tanya, Aunty Marliza mana?)

Marliza Radzi said...

Alaa comelnya. Aunty terharu Kasih ingat Aunty :')

Anonymous said...

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