Thursday, April 19, 2012

I honestly think the beach is the only place children actually entertain themselves.” - Donna McLavy

Setting up a new firm, leaving behind old ones was kind of overwhelming so I thought a getaway would do us good and plus, I wanted to go somewhere for our anniversary. Tabled the idea to the Boss, gave him a choice between the Grand Alexis PD and Golden Palm Tree Sepang, Boss picked the latter, budget was approved, booked our room via phone and got a promo price and after sending my parents off for umrah, off we went for our short blue sky holiday!

The Golden Palm Tree was breathtakingly beautiful. Too bad it rained the whole time on the first day we arrived so we just chillaxed at our room. At night we tried the nearby seafood joint so many people raved about but was slightly disappointed; the food was nothing to shout about and was overpriced. So yeah, there will never be a second visit there, that’s for sure.
This was taken by hubs at midnight; I think this photo is awesome.
But the next day, oh the next day, the sun was beaming and shining oh so proudly the whole day and oh the sky, the sky was so blue.
My happy boys.
I love hotel breakfast because I’m a giddy little girl like that, and our room price is inclusive of breakfast for two. This was us waiting for the buggy; oh yes, you gotta take buggy to almost everywhere because the place is huge! But it was not a problem; the buggy was almost always available. And oh, the problematic, unhelpful staffs so many people complained about? We didn’t meet any of them, thank God! Everyone was nice and super helpful.
My boy loved the buggy ride.
The breakfast view, subhanallah. That was the infinity pool by the way.
We had breakfast in a hut. Breakfast food was not as bad as many reviews I read, but it was just OK. But oh later we had brunch at the Sepoi Sepoi Café near the beach and the food was bland! For the price they’re charging for their food, they have got to improve!
After filling up real good, we went to the beach. The beach was clean and well-kept, but you shouldn’t compare it to Rawa, Redang or its kind, it just ain’t fair. The beach was clean and that was that, oh but better than PD that’s for sure! Watersports was included in the room price but too bad by the time we were done with swimming and lazing around, the seawater receded so we did not get the chance to canoe, sail or anything like that.
Then it was time to say good bye to the blue sky and in the car on our way back home, I asked hubs, was the sky only blue when we’re on holiday or we never take time to appreciate the sky on other busy, normal days? I’m pretty sure there are many days when the sky is blue but I’m just too busy to notice. From now on, I pledge look up and praise Allah more for the sunshine and blue sky He bless us with. Thank you, Allah! :)


Chech said...

Yes, I agree with you that the photo taken at midnight is awesome. So are the other photos. Happy belated anniversary :).

And, 'to look up and praise Allah more for the sunshine and blue sky He bless us with' is my favourite phrase.

Alin Marlini said...

cantik sangat tempat tu Am...

Marliza Radzi said...

Thanks Chech!

Kak Lin, tak jauhpun from KL, pergilah :)

Rin said...

Persoalan langit biru itu menarik juga..

B2M said...

ikutilah kisah penghinaan terhadap masjid dan ahli khariah kampung baru sedenak oleh pentadbir yang jahil dan zalim di

Fabulous Me said...

Cantiknye la hai..