Monday, February 13, 2012

Any book that helps a child to form a habit of reading, to make reading one of his deep and continuing needs, is good for him.” ― Maya Angelou

Some asked how did I develop Hadi’s interest for books. I don’t know what exactly I did but I sure hope his interest for books will last and is not just a phase. I used to read a lot (back when I have time to spare, sobs!) and hubs still reads a lot, so maybe it’s hereditary? Ngeh. I make sure Hadi has books everywhere he goes. Every time we enter a bookstore, he will get one new, albeit cheap book. If we go into grocery stores that sell candies and books, walau macam mana dia nak candy, I’ll make him take books instead. I buy him colourful, interesting books with stuffs he likes like animals and fruits, I don’t force anything into him. So yeah, itu saja I guess.

Anyways, Hadi turns 21 MONTHS today. Wow 21, that’s a lot of months!

At 21 months, he still mengempeng to tidur and still wakes up at night for milk. I still pump at work although my stocks sangat menyedihkan. I don’t see any sign of him weaning off naturally and I can only pray that he will, eventually. I don’t want to have to go through episodes of crying and wailing forcing him to wean off, please God, no. Frankly, I am so tired.

At 21 months, he still is an energizer bunny, he even moves a lot in his sleep! Hubs watched a documentary on Bruce Lee; his parents dubbed him as ‘The One Who Never Sits Still’, which is why they got fed up of him always getting into trouble and sent him to learn Kung Fu and the rest as they say, is history. Never Sits Still; that is so Hadi! Hence we are now considering enrolling Hadi into martial art class. Who knows, maybe he’d become the next Bruce Lee. Hehehe.

At 21 months, his vocabulary is improving although nothing lah to shout about. Oh, he can make 2-words sentence, nothing fancy, like “Nenek mop mop” each morning when he sees the building cleaner mopping the lobby, or “Uk uk haip!” when he sees noisy dogs (saying Haip, imitating his Nenda) Oh yes, ‘uk uk’ is dog, and ‘uk uk’ is poop as well. Pfftt. ‘Tatak’ is kakak and can also means cicak, depending on the situation. So when he points to the ceiling and screams Tatak!, bukan dia nampak hantu kakak ya, he sees cicak. Boleh bertenang.

At 21 months, he still is a somewhat picky eater. Inspired by the blog I stalked on Friday, on weekends I tried out the blogger’s recipes and they were a hit with my boy! Hadi was never a fan of oat but surprisingly, he did like this one. So I’m sharing the recipe, credit to the blogger, which I tweaked to suit my boy’s taste.

Here’s Hadi having the OAT WITH YOGURT, and here’s the recipe: 3 table spoon of oat, masak sampai kembang. Add 1 table spoon of plain fat free yogurt. Sprinkle some brown sugar. Slice some banana (which Hadi calls ‘Nana’) or any fruits that your kids like.

YOGURT PANCAKE: ¾ cup of tepung naik sendiri. ¾ of plain fat free yogurt. Sprinkle some brown sugar. 1 egg. A pinch of salt. I served this pancake with slices of banana and generous dash of Hershey’s chocolate syrup. Tak sempat tanya, Hadi terus angkat jari telunjuk dia, signaling sedaplah tu. Yeah, at 21 months, he still thinks his pointer is his thumb T___T

At 21 months, my boy has a split personality disorder. Pfftt. One minute he is all sweet and angelic, hugging and kissing me, singing sweetly to Barney and reading books melting my heart away, and the next, he can be monstrous and sangat garang, it’s frustrating and annoying! Then I’ll be all geram and kecewa and be all like, ‘where did I go wrong?’ bla bla bla but then he sleeps and looks all angelic and I’ll be feeling guilty and he wakes up and smiles at me and the world makes sense again, then he reads and sings and mengamuk and the cycle repeats itself.

Example of Personality A. No picture proof of monstrous Personality B, Mama is usually too busy taming tantrum to be bothered with anything else when Personality B strikes T___T

At 21 months, he still and will forever be my world. Oh and yes, the annoying dreadful ‘Bila lagi nombor dua?’ question has been flooding in, thank you very much T___T


Ida Yezid said...

I think your hadi and my hariz have a lot in common. especially signalling his jari telunjuk as thumbs up! dah ajar dah pakai thumb tapi tak naik naik. haha :P

Karen Yaacob said...

hihi! That 'split personality' i think my boy has it too (nauzubillah!)br 8m je pn kot! haaiishh!! SGT menguji.. but managed to handle every time tho a bit tired.. :p layankan je lah.. hihi! we still love anyway ;)

btw, nak tnya, hadi sleep w u guys or at his own room (or bed but still in d same room w u guys)?

Marliza Radzi said...

Ida: Kan?! Susah sangat nak angkat thumb dia! Kalau nyanyi lagu Where Is Thumbkin tu nanti dia gerak-gerakkan pointer instead, sangat kelakar.

Karen: Sleeps in our room, tak cukup tegar like Mat Sallehs. Hehe. Sometimes on our bed, sometimes on his own (next to ours).

far said...

umar used to like books until iPad came into our life. if only i could turn back time.

Marliza Radzi said...

iPad telah juga comes into his life, tapi aku selalu sorok. Kalau dia nampak, habislah. Tapi iPad pun OK for kids of Umar's age, banyak mental development games what. Hehe.

YATT said...


airis everytime nk point something, jari telunjuk and thumb dua2 keluar.. so, jadi lah sign GLEE.. dah la dia suka buat kt dahi.. kadang dia senget sikit, jadik mcm pistol dah pulak.. huhu.. nak lebih tragis, kalau kiter tgh cakap2 dgn dia, tiba2 dia buat sign tu kt dahi.. mcm nak cakap aku loser? huwaaa..

mungkin airis pun kena hantar belajar martial art lah T____T

mereka sangat comel kan. bayi dan kanak-kanak.

twayblade said...

AM, u still use swing or have u changed to other breastpump? i used swing before, and still using it now for the 2nd one. am thinking of upgrading to freestyle but the cost is numero uno issue. frankly speaking, i have no problems using swing. it still gives great service to me. but i do have issue with the time spent away from my cubicle twice daily to pump at the pantry.

Marliza Radzi said...

Yatt: Airis tu kena hantar pergi yoga kot. Jadi Ninie punya protege. Hehehe.

Ida: Still using Swing! I pun have no prob with Swing tapi bila & kalau pregnant with 2nd one, I'm gonna mengumpul wang sikit-sikit lama-lama jadi bukit for Freestyle. Sungguh menjimatkan masa!

Chech said...

Split personality: my 3.5-year old son has it, too! :D And, like you, macam mana geram bibir terketap tahan ngauman yang dah sampai ke hujung tekak, hati terus cair sampai hilang ingatan pasal episod split personality bila tengok anak tidur.

The reason I love reading fellow mothers' blogs. I could relate, and I feel normal. Sangat rasa kecewa bila menyinga.

Marliza Radzi said...

Chech: "The reason I love reading fellow mothers' blogs. I could relate, and I feel normal." ---- Terlalu benar!!!

ieja said...

kan??? me too. aku selalu rasa sgt temper time adam nakal dan mengganas. kemudian rasa sgt bersalah bila tgk dia tdo lepas kna marah dgn sisa2 air mata. tskk. berdoa semoga ada lebih kesabaran with no 2.

Marliza Radzi said...

Ieja, ko letih pregnant sama. Don't be too hard on yourself. Pergi makan aiskrim.

Michaelxwtw said...

I think your hadi and my hariz have a lot in common. especially signalling his jari telunjuk as thumbs up! dah ajar dah pakai thumb tapi tak naik naik. haha :P