Thursday, December 08, 2011

We used to build civilizations. Now we build shopping malls.” ― Bill Bryson

I hate crowds, which is why I’d generally stay away from Jom Heboh and any sorts of carnival. Crowd, heat and an active toddler are dangerous combination. But the Johor Premium Outlet was launched on the weekend my parents were here visiting us in JB, hence I feel compelled to bring Ibu there. Kononnya ada extra discount awal-awal ini, so imagine lah the crowd! Pengsan!

Some friends have been asking me to write a review on the Johor Premium Outlet but honestly, if you’re looking for a review on the kehebatan harga barangan, look somewhere else.

Mostly what I remember about JPO is that it was hot and the crowd was mad. Haha. Oh and kids screaming everywhere. Pfftt. Thank God I went there with my parents and Hadi had their full attention hence no drama mama drama. Phewww. So yeah, if you hate crowd and especially if you’re bringing your kids, go there on weekdays, preferable at night. Kulaijaya is a newly developed place, lalu pokok semua masih renek dan ketot lalu panas.

You can guess how hot it was from kehitaman cermin mata tersebut.

Ini map untuk ke Johor Premium Outlet:

Jadi ini review pendek aku: Ada beberapa stores belum open ketika itu. Disebabkan aku panas dan ada si kenit, I did not go into semua stores but my husband and dad did shop at Pedro and Nike. I went into C&K but did not find any shoes I want. Did not join the mad queue at the Coach outlet because the Star Buy item, at RM1K ++, tak adalah murah sangat; you can get much cheaper price if you kirim from online stores. La Senza is worth going to I think, but I did not buy any. Bought 2 tees for Hadi from Poney, for only RM15 each. Was intrigued by Fossil store but because it was getting hotter at that time, tak ada mood. Kalau nak cari winter attires memang boleh pergi Universal Traveller sebab the discount adalah bagus. Levi’s ada Buy 1 Free 1 jeans sale. Hubs said Timberland tak murahpun because we just went to Singapore Timberland and he bought the same tee at half the price in SG. Cheh. Oh but I think if you’re a fan of the Gap, you must go there, sebab murah, especially their kids attires. Too bad the ones I like semuanya out of size and tak sempat belek lama because Hadi main air pancut lalu basah yeay!

The queue to heaven. Not! Coach outlet sajapun, chill lah.

Kenit was happy to get M&M fan from the Fidani Chocolate. Kids, so easily pleased! Oh yes, you need not go to the Germany (or lebih hampir, Singapore) anymore to buy Hanuta. Fidani sells Mini Hanuta! Yums. Best eaten chilled.

So these are the list of the brands yang ada at the Johor Premium Outlet: Adidas. Armani Exchange. Armani Outlet. Brooks Brothers Factory Store. Burberry. Canali. CK Calvin Klein. Cotton On. DKNY. Esprit. Flow. G2000Outlet. Gap Outlet. Guess. Lacoste Outlet. La Senza Lingerie. Levi's. Nike. Padini. Pink Jambu. Poney outlet. Puma. Quicksilver. Raoul. Rip Curl. Roxy. Salvatore Ferragamo. Shanghai Tang. Timberland. Universal Traveller. Charles & Keith Reductions. Clarks. Geox. Pedro Outlet. Skechers. Vincci. City Chain. Evita Peroni. Swiss Watch Gallery. Wear + When. AkemiUchi. Bonia. Carlo Rino. Coach. Fossil. Michael Kors. Oroton factory. Samsonite. Tumi. Cosmetics & Designer Fragrances. Fidani Chocolate. Royal Selangor. Body Shop. Absolute Thai. Baskin-Robbins. Crispy Crepe. George & Dragon café. Kampachi Japanese Restaurant. Tang Shifu. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Starbucks coffee. Premium Event Space. And coming soon are: The Cosmetics Company Store. Tommy Hilfiger. Versace. Tomei. Polo Ralph Lauren. Phewww that was a mouthful!

Oh worry not, ada tempat makan, baby room, clean toilet and yes, prayer room.

We’re definitely going there again to check out other outlets we did not go to, especially the high end ones. But yeah, maybe without Hadi. Or on weekdays. Or without Hadi, on weekdays, at night. Oh yes, now that’s ideal! Hehehe.

Tips for parents: Do not bring strollers. Rimaslah stroller menyempit dalam outlets. Dahlah ramai orang! And yeah, it's hot so be ready for dramas.

Tips for orang kaya looking for a business opportunity: Go open a juice/ice cream/bubble tea stall. It was so hot the coffee shops were full setiap masa with people craving for ice blended. Starbucks made its biggest sale last weekend, I think.

Tips for husbands: Leave your money and especially cards at home! Ngeee.


Anonymous said...

Takde aircond eh dlm tu? Atau aircond tak rase sbb ramai org

Marliza Radzi said...

Dalam outlets adalah. Tapi kat luar from one outlet to another tu tak ada.

Ahsuez said...
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Ahsuez said...

Will definitely go!

(dalam much smaller font) Mungkin lagi 2-3 tahun, setelah menyimpan duit untuk shopping dan berhappening di USS. Alang-alang ke sana.

Marliza Radzi said...

Haha lamanya lagi 2-3 tahun! Probably dah tak panas sangat masa tu, pokok dah besar ;P

thehealthinspector: said...

nampak mcm uk designer outlet :))
mungkin boleh pergi time awal tahun masa semua ibu bapa sibuk bayar duit yuran skolah. hopefully that time the crowd would be less haha :p
(mentang2 bayi masih kecil dan tak perlu hantar skolah ngeee)

Alin Marlini said...

Am..ala2 Pavillion ke je kak lin tengok...

Marliza Radzi said...

Bukan Kak Lin, it's an outlet store, macam kat overseas tu.