Thursday, December 01, 2011

I have learned that only two things are necessary to keep one's wife happy. First, let her think she's having her own way. And second, let her have it.” - Lyndon B. Johnson

Chronology: Got a spam email asking “Salam, nak bahagiakan isteri tak?” Tweeted about it. Syed Adam saw and jokingly (I assumed) asked me the answer as per the email. Told him I’ve already stashed the email away to Trash. He pretended (again, I assumed) that he was sad that he’d never get to know the answer.

Syed Adam wants answers. The Bride is one lucky woman. Hehehe.

So that was what I told him. Husbands, your women are really not that complicated. My kind at least, are not. We want your love, loyalty and attention and once in a while, cute stuff and good food are nice too. Oh and yes, occasional compliment from your heart.

I mean, is it so hard to tell your woman how beautiful she is? Go on guys, do it today. Balik rumah today, tell your wife she’s beautiful! Or thank her for making your house a home. She’d appreciate that. But don’t come and blame me if your wife is the kind that would react dengan merasa curiga, seperti, “Abang ada buat salah apa?” atau "What do you want now?" atau lebih kronik, “Are you seeing someone?” Kih kih.

Oh and if she does that, let me know, she and I can definitely be BFFs ;P


AyinEmran said...

Comel. Email spam pun boleh menjadi entri comel. :D

Marliza Radzi said...

Hahaha silap tak baca dulu email tu :P

thehealthinspector: said...

kahkahkah. i am definitely the type of wife merasa kata2 pujian suami adalah seperti tidak ikhlas atau ada udang di sebalik batu. kasihan suami saya yg suka memuji itu :p

Marliza Radzi said...

Lucky you ;)