Thursday, November 17, 2011

The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother.” - Theodore Hesburgh quotes

Husband took this picture of me on our dinner date last Friday. Nothing fancy, just awesome Nandos chicken, sans Hadi, hence it is a dinner date. I think I looked happy because I really was. I mean, I love my baby and enjoy his presence yadayadayada but sometimes, it feels really good to be able to enjoy our food in peace, talk and laugh, just the two of us.

I think parents need this once in a while. Parents with helpers or maids and help from grandparents and siblings are lucky to be getting such weekly dates and what not. I too have my in laws nearby but I always feel guilty about leaving my boy with them for too long because yeah, MIL takes care of him 9-6 every weekdays.

Every time we’re back in KL, in the land where Hadi has Nenda and Wan’s abundant attention, hubs and I will surely be out on real date; you know, good food at a nice place where kids are frown upon by other patrons (haha!), movies, overpriced desserts, hand-in-hand strolling without worrying about Hadi screaming for being bored, aaaah you know the deal.

I told hubs that if we ever open a restaurant, there is going to be a child care center, nothing huge, just a little space in a corner, filled up with books, toys, video games, TV and yes, a nanny! Maybe one of the waitresses lah but yes, parents can enjoy their meal in peace and the nanny (the waitresses or maybe me, the owner myself) will take care of your kids! Maybe read them books or just let them play, with someone attending to them. Of course there are some legal issues we need to think through but ah, I think it is such a neat idea!

Tell me parents, wouldn’t you want to come to that kind of restaurant every single day?! Cool eh? *HAK CIPTA TERPELIHARA* Kih kih.

Anyways yeah, last Friday was one of the best dinner dates I’ve had in quite some time.


Nida Shaari said...

kakak suka idea tu dan mesti mau pergi!!!

Kalau dapat lunch sama-sama pun kakak dah cukup suka. Dinner date memang tak pernah sejak ada anak.

apa pun kakak bersyukur dengan kurnianNya. ;)

Nida Shaari said...

*terlupa: kakak rindu nak menonton teater.. huk huk huk..

Ahsuez said...

That would be great!

And to spend masa-berdua with your spouse, I must say, is required. Once a month, at least, if possible. My fear is that as I'm busy being a working mom, I might forget to be a good companion, and worse, a friend to my husband. I hope we could sustain the rhythm as what we have now.

And for those yang memang tak de choice; no in-laws nearby, no maid, I still think they could make the once a month date. Take a lazy day off from work and go date!!

thehealthinspector: said...

agreed dgn ah suez. i do feel guilty leaving my boy utk berpeleseran dgn suami. so what we do, take a day off, hantar anak dan dating mcm dulu2. haha. tp skrg dah takde la nak ukur shopping complex tu mcm dulu. besides, husband saya tak best utk ajak shopping. sumer cantik je pd dia, tak membantu perempuan cerewet macam sy.
oh speaking of which, kami pun dah lama tak dating. mungkin patut plan date soon ;)

YATT said...

bukak restoran tu kat KL, please.

Marliza Radzi said...

Kak Nida: Mari saya baby sit kan Muhammad. Tapi nanti dia menyusu berbaring bagaimana? Hehehe.

Ahsuez: Take a day off paling convenient!

Ija: Shopping seorang diri paling best or what I always do sekarang, online shop sajalah. Senang. Hehe.

Yatt: Kau percaya nak tinggalkan Airis bam bam pada aku?

YATT said...

aku percaya kau.. tapi aku tak percaya Airis.. kesian kau nanti.. haha

Marliza Radzi said...

Aku rasa sebab hari-hari aku handle Hadi nan buas dan demanding, aku boleh handle anything. Hahaha.

ibuwijdan said...

am,jgn lupa buka 1 cawangan kat kota damansara ye,aku mesti pegi selalu sbb nak nanny jaga wijdan.hehehehehehe...ermm..baca entry ni baru teringat lamanya tak kuar date ngan zul.:(

Marliza Radzi said...

Linda: Tu Wahida & Hazri ada kat KL, suruh diorang babysit Wijdan, korang gi date gi. Hehehe.

Yan said...

PLEASE open that restaurant of yours ASAP and double please let me know about it! ;)

Nida Shaari said...

ahaha.. Muhammad demand menyusu berbaring hanya dengan mama dia.. kalau 'kakak' taska jaga boleh je minum susu botol :p

Anonymous said...

Yan: Hahaha! Doakan please?

Kak Nida: Muhammad nak manja dengan Mama :)