Friday, November 25, 2011

"Don't worry that children never listen to you;
worry that they are always watching you
." - Robert Fulghum

This Subuh, I told myself that today, I am going to force myself to write that Things To Be Grateful For List; it’s been a while since I last did that. But earlier today, I let shaiton nirrojim creeps into my heart and well, let’s just say that I’m not in the best of mood.

But as I was transferring my diaper cakes pictures, I saw the pics of my boy that I took yesterday and my heart bloomed. Oh how grown up does my baby looks in these pics; time flies so fast I can’t hardly catch up. Isn’t it just too cute that in all these pics, he mimics two things I used to do all the time: read and watch TV!

Yeah, my house is always messy, there is never a quiet and peaceful moment when he’s around except when he sleeps, I hardly get my me-time anymore, I don’t get to sleep in on Sundays, I have to cook everyday so he won’t starve, I have never had uninterrupted sleep for over a year, he tests my patience with his tantrums and what not almost every single day; but life has been a lot sweeter, brighter and happier since Hadi. Thank you oh Allah, for blessing me with this love.

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