Wednesday, October 05, 2011

"He is happiest, be he king or peasant,
who finds peace in his home
." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Oh don’t you just love looking at pretty houses with pretty, pretty deco? I know I do.

All images below are from one of my favourite home deco sites, Small Place Style, where you'll find inspiration for small spaces. If your place does not belong to the Tiny/Small categories, please exit now, tak mahu geng. Hehehe just kidding. Or am I not?

Aah book shelves and a cosy sofa. I can imagine myself lying there reading a good novel. But definitely just a wishful thinking, what's with a 16 months old toddler screaming for my attention. These days, the only reading I do is via my iPhone T___T

A cosy dining area with a view. Simply charming. And I just love how the sitting bench is also a storage area and that the wall doubles as book shelves. Perfect for small spaces.

Outdoor porch is one of my favourite things about an apartment. It is outdoor yet private. Add a couple of chairs and few pots of green, green pretty plants, and voila, a perfect place to laze around. Oh that reminds me, I haven't siram my pokok-pokok since yesterday. And I'd like to add some plush cushions for my porch chairs, kena tempias hujan tak nanti?

How adorable is this work station? We have a work station in this one room I call Papa's Shiznit Room. Shiznit, as in the urban slang for cool, in case you're wondering what 'Shiznit' is. But it's black and white and blah. Maybe I need to add some colours to it.

Love the wood flooring, the bed and the headboard. And the petal cushion. Rustic charm, I like.

Should I do one with Hadi's picture? Our dining area wall is bare and boring at the moment. Hadi takut tak nanti tengok gambar dia besar sangat? Ngeh ngeh.

Aaah adding a splash of pink and peach and fushia always seem to work to brighten up everything. But I'm not too sure if hubs will be happy. Hahah.

See the GROCERIES wooden letters? I love those letters! Where can I find them? Those above are from Pottery Barn, which we don't have here. I know from Décor Diva that Home Country Furnishing sells those unfinished wooden letters (which is perfect for deco projects) but I want yang dah siap cantik sebab dasar pemalas. What about Ikea?

I love the walls. Pretty pictures, inspiring wordings, adorable various frames. Aaah so much personality there! And those chair, aaah those pretty, pretty white chairs.

This is the kind of room I've always wanted when I was living at my parents'. But no, my room was boring! When and if I have a daughter, she's gonna get a cool room like this, I promise.

Again, I imagine myself sitting here, hugging the pillow and cuddling with a good chic lit. But yes, with a toddler running around the house, the only thing I'll be doing if I even have this space for myself, is probably nursing him while scrolling my Twitter timeline.

When Hadi is big enough to appreciate drawings and what not, I'm gonna turn one of the walls into a chalkboard and let him conteng away. Should be fun!

This is the kind of room I imagine I'll be having when my child (or children, if God permits) are all grown up and hubs is all I have to annoy. There I'll organize tea parties for my girlfriends, using hubs' hard earned money and we'll gossip and chat and eat cookies (probably Ayin will have to bake them for me) all day long. OK and maybe later in the evening, I'll arrange for usrah, maybe with Dato' Fatma, in the comfort of my own family room. Who's in?

Berangan. Bukan kena bayar duit ;) XOXO.


AyinEmran said...

Haha. Boleh boleh. Btw cool gila kalau print gambar Hadi besar2. We have yet to put any frame kat rumah johor. Plain boring je skrg. Budget tahun depan kot. Or dua tahun lagi? Hahaha!

reena said...

Forget IKEA. Please go to Typo, Pavilion. Boleh jadi 'gila' masuk kedai tu! Rasa macam nak beli semua.

Marliza Radzi said...

Ayin: Tak apa, rumah Johor jarang balik. Nanti dah balik for good, boleh hias puas-puas.

Reena: Alaaa jauhnya Pavi :(

reena said...

Oh lupa nak bagitau. Kat Typo ada wooden letters yang macam Kak Yanti nak tu. But in white & black.

Marliza Radzi said...

Cantiknya. Tapi kedai di Pavi, pasti marked up habis barangnya.

reena said...

Tak jugak. After convert, not that mahal sangat kot. Let say, for that wooden letters, 3 huruf RM30. Sorry banyak komen plak pasal Typo. Obses with that kedai lately sebab banyak barang deco/stationaries yang comel & cun. Hehe..

Marliza Radzi said...

Eh tak mahal sangatlah RM10 per piece sebab dah cantik kan? Definitely will check it out next time I'm in Pavi. Thanks ;D

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IjanKahar said...

OooooLaLa, perfect dreams :). I love the last part "tea parties for my girlfriends using hub's hard earned money / usrah"...

Sesekali berangan mmg best, hehehe

Acaii said...

Hahahha, paling tak boleh tahan ayat ni

"There I'll organize tea parties for my girlfriends, using hubs' hard earned money"


Am, kecik tu maksudnya rumah bawah 1,200sqf ke?hehe.

Jessica Olds said...

Oh lupa nak bagitau. Kat Typo ada wooden letters yang macam Kak Yanti nak tu. But in white & black.