Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A one-year-old child is so many things --
A tiny discoverer of butterfly wings,
A hugger of teddies, A sweet sleepyhead
And someone to dream for in bright years ahead.

My baby is turning 1 this Friday the 13th. Spoooooooky. Not. Hehe. Initially, for his birthday, we wanted to do a BBQ pool party, together with his aqiqah and kenduri house warming, tapi tak kesampaian sebab rumah masih dalam stage pre-renovation. So it’d be weird kalau belum tinggal situ tapi sibuk nak berparty sakan at the roof top pool. Haha.

We know Hadi is too small to appreciate a birthday party but we think it’d be fun to gather family and friends around. You know, for good fun. Makan-makan. Sembang-sembang. And main-main for the kids. And although Hadi might not appreciate it now, I know he will; when he’s all grown up and browse through the albums, he’ll think to himself, “My parents threw me a cool party when I still shit in my diaper. They rock big time. I’m so gonna get them tickets to Paris today”. Hahaha. Kidding. Mental note: Wajib ambil gambar and get them printed.

Usually people plan at least a month ahead but kami, dengan heronya baru Ahad lepas decided to hold the party. We considered McDonalds and KFC but went to Monsta Café in Nusa Bestari upon some friends’ suggestion. One look at the intricate deco, I was instantly hooked. It is apparent that so much thoughts and love were put into the designs of the café. I am a sucker for details. Foods and coffee were good too. And I like that it has play area for kids. So we discussed with the manager and yesterday the husband had confirmed our reservation. Yippee yeay! It’s not gonna be a big party but I do hope it’s gonna be a whole loads of great fun.

The baby checking out the party venue.

I am in charge (I of course appointed myself) of the details of the party that the husband doesn’t care about. You know, party favors, party wears, candies for the kids and what not.

Just done torturing myself by looking at the pictures from Mrs. Kown's self-organized/designed party for her boys. I could never pull that off. She’s so berseni! And with a busy day job, 2 small boys at home, and a side business lagi, when did she find time to do everything on her own? Phewww. I’m so impressed.

Ukur baju di badan sendiri. Kamu itu dasar pemalas dan tidak berbajet besar T___T

Anyways, to those who have received our invitation, kindly revert back to us. I hate RSVPs too but bear with me, yeah? It’s just a small party so we need to do that. Nanti kami dah jutawan, we’ll do parties yang you can just come and bring as many people that you want because foods will be of limited supplies. Tunggu Daud jadi Tan Sri, yeah?

When that time comes, by then I’m already a Nenda and the invitation you’ll get is to my cucu’s lavish themed party, held by the pool at our huge mansion. Kah kah. Hadi is only turning one and I’m already spoiling his kids in my wild imagination.


Anak Mami said...

"I am in charge (I of course appointed myself)"..

suddenly you sounded like rachel berry, haha.

happy advance birthday hadi! enjoy your party :)

D.N.A.S said...

Hadi will appreciate it when he sees the pictures 3 years from now. My kids keep asking why they're not in my Wedding pictures. Hahaha...

Marliza Radzi said...

Anakmami: Rachel tu bagus sebenarnya sebab dia selalu step up, rise to the occassion. Budak Melayu kena belajar jadi macam tu, cuma not too much macam Rachel lah. Heh.

DNAS: Hahaha comel!

YATT said...

we love to come, tapi JB? :(

sorry yer Hadi.. you guys have fun. with Am in charge, party mesti fabulous!

Happy Birthday (in advance), lil one!

Marliza Radzi said...

Haha Daud is in charge. Aku kan sucker for details, jadi itu bahagian aku ;D

sharel said...

nama je party untuk anak, realitynya mak bapak yang over nanti!hehe
haha have fun you guys!

AyinEmran said...

Comel melantik diri sendiri, memanglah kan? Haha.

We are so wanna come, apakan daya terpisah dengan Laut China Selatan. Have fun ya Hadi?

Marliza Radzi said...

Sharel: Memangpun. Hahaha!

Ayin: Hadi merajuk dengan Kasih ;P

Alin Marlini said...

Daud menjadi Tan Sri dan Am Puan Sri..hehehehe..suker2x..jgn lp kalau jemput Kak Lin including hotel sekali tau..hehehe

Marliza Radzi said...

OK OK no problem, Kak Lin ;P

nyorq said...

happy birthday in advance yer hadi!enjoy d party!!

Marliza Radzi said...

Thanks! Aunty Nyorq jauh sangat, kalau tak boleh invite :)