Monday, May 16, 2011

"Home is a shelter from storms - all sorts of storms" - William J. Bennett

Don’t you just feel like packing up your stuffs and move here? I know I do. Oh my, the unique A-shape frame is just too cute, don’t you think so? Oh and the lawn, I just wanna sit there all day long with the husband, sipping our coffee, talking and watching Hadi wanders around freely. Nak tinggal situ! Wouldn’t it be fun to simply start afresh at a strange place? I think it would! So dear God, can you please transport us to New Hampshire now?

The above is one of the finalists for the Small/Cool 2011 (Annual Smallest Coolest Home Contest) for the Small category. 950 square feet that looks this cool deserves a win IMHO. And wait till you see the finalists for the Tiny and Teeny Tiny categories. My jaw dropped sedikit demi sedikit at the creativity of each and every one of the houses. The one below is one of my favourites from the Tiny category; basically because I’d totally do my own place like this.

Siapa kata 525 square feet apartment ain’t capable of looking this cool? Terlalu cantik!

In case you're wondering, no, we have yet to move to our new place as the renovation hasn’t even begun. The designer has submitted to us his design and quotation dan kelihatannya the husband’s head almost exploded upon seeing the figures. Hahaha. So we decided to just start with the basic stuffs, apa yang termampu. Small space pun costs a bomb to look good, or at least livable lah. Macam manalah kalian semua yang tinggal di rumah besar-besar?

Anyways, I must say that the entries for the Small/Cool 2011 are simply inspiring. I am still in awe. Go HERE to get yourself some cool inspiration for your small spaces. Dear owner of New Hampshire A-shape frame house, would you like to adopt me and my family? Please?

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AyinEmran said...

That was what aku dgn zul decided to do. Do all the basics, kemudian kemudian ada rezeki baru buat yg kita suka. Mcm dalam cerita The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. The anticipation (to complete the perfect home) is kinda fun.

reena said...

Yang rumah bawah tu is so u lah Kak Yanti (imho lah)

Marliza Radzi said...

Ayin: Kalau masuk rumah dah lengkap, tentu lebih mudah. Sebab nak renovate bila dah duduk, alahai lecehnya.

Reena: I think so too. Hahaha.

mokteh said...

thats why i melantik diri sendiri as the ID. but a friend sanggup berhutang demi seorang ID (--')

Marliza Radzi said...

Cara masing-masinglah kan :)

Ahsuez said...

Babe, selagi mampu, do all that you can right, at the first time. Sebabnya, in my case lepas dah masuk rumah, dah malas. Atau lebih tepat lagi dah sibuk nak melayan house chores, which you already knew, never end.

After 2 years, my house's walls are still bogel. Konon nak buat hall of fame la segala tok nenek. Not to mention the entrance yang belum ber-tile, masih. ;)

Marliza Radzi said...

Kan? Kalau boleh memang nak kasi settle terus. Kalaulah boleh.