Friday, March 11, 2011

Who delivereth you from the darkness of the land and the sea?
Ye call upon Him humbly and in secret, saying: If we are delivered from this fear we truly will be of the thankful
.” Al-Anam, 6: 63

March 11 (Bloomberg) -- Japan was struck by its strongest earthquake in at least a century, an 8.9-magnitude temblor that shook buildings across Tokyo and unleashed a tsunami as high as 10 meters, engulfing towns along the northern coast.

Each time massive tragedy hits the world, suddenly all my problems and woes seem so shallow and petty. I am reminded of how our time here is a loan from the Almighty and He has the power to take it away in one split second. Once again I am reminded of qiamat, and the afterlife where our money, friends, education level, status, none of that, will matter. I am reminded that, “dariNya kita datang, kepadaNya akan kita kembali.” Thank you Allah, for the reminder. My heart and prayers go out to Japan and its people. Permudahkanlah mereka, Allahu Rabbi.

Now I’m gonna go home and hug my baby tight.

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Ahsuez said...

The tragedy literally made my body shaking. I even looked up to the sky and asked if the kiamat is very near.

I'm not prepared at all!

*Ya Allah, ampunkanlah dosa-dosa kami, Kau selamatkanlah kami di dunia dan di akhirat. Ameen..*