Friday, January 07, 2011

Let's watch something random turned to something awesome

Had the chance to read the Juice magazine while having my pick-me-up hot chocolate at the Coffee Bean next door yesterday. If you are not familiar with the magazine, FYI Juice caters for hip, urban youths, highlighting the latest trends, the hippest clubs, the hottest jetsetters. They have this one column where they will feature one famous person every month, who will share with us his/her favourite things/people/foods/etc of the month.

And I’m inspired to the same here! I’m gonna start with my favourite random things for the month of December ’10. My random awesomeness. Here goes:

Since he just tied the knot as 2010 ended and hence, embarking into another phase of adulthood, my Favourite Person for this month is my one and only brother. He may now be somebody’s husband, somebody’s in law (and insyaAllah somebody’s dad one day), but he will always be my darling little brother. The one who plays Nintendo 24/7, Ibu had to suap him makan so that he’d not die of hunger. The one who’d stand before the Lego shelve, teguh, tak bergerak, until my parents get him one of those boxes. Dialah racun. Dialah madu.

Beard Papa’s chocolate fondant, or some people would call it the Chocolate Lava Cake. At RM4.50, it’s inexpensive and seriously scrumptious. Ambil garfu, tekan bahagian tengah, and the melted chocolate will ooze out of the soft fondant. If you are in need of an instant chocolate fix, you should definitely try this sinfully good fondant.

Since Maher Zain is basically all I’ve been listening to these couple of months – because my baby seems relaxed and soothed every time he listens to Maher Zain – my favourite song for December ’10 is Barakallah (is that the title of the song? You know which song I’m taking about, right?) Let’s raise our hands and make du’a, like the Prophet taught us! Lagu yang sungguh ceria you feel like dancing to it, albeit its religious lyrics.

Oh and I like almost all tracks in Yuna’s Decorate album. As the Husband put it, listening to them is like having strawberry yogurt on a sunny Sunday. Word!

For this month, it has got to be McDonalds! For their hot and spicy fried chicken, for their Iced Milo and chocolate sundae and apple pie and salty fries and McD breakfast. But mostly for bringing the Prosperity burger back! Na na na na na, I’m lovin’ it.

I stalk Melissa Maureen’s Tumblr rather religiously. She’ s so, how should I put it, ermm… deep? Sometimes her sketches can be somewhat disturbing, like something you’d see on Criminal Minds, but most of the time, her Tumblr is full of crafty ideas and deep thought. One distinguished, intelligent beauty, she is. And singer/songwriter Wany Ardy’s site? Well let’s just say that because her writings are just always so beautiful, she makes me rasa malu to write.

So there you have it. Some random awesomeness for December ’10. Will be back with January awesomeness, do watch this space. In the meantime, do pray that I will recover from this awful runny nose, throbbing headache and muscle pains before I head to the beautiful land of Kota Kinabalu tomorrow. For a course, I must add T____T I feel terrible having to leave the Husband behind because next week he’ll be away in KL. I’ll miss him T____T

But on the bright side, my baby will be tagging along together with the whole rombongan Cik Kiah of my parents, my Mak Tok and the newlyweds! But the fact that they’ll get to enjoy KK while I’ll be stuck in a day to night course kinda piss me off. Hahaha. But bright side bright side. So yeah, do check out the tumblrs, the desserts and the albums I favourited, pray for my recovery and go ahead and enjoy your weekend! XOXO.


Wa@Wawek@Siti ;) said...

Tak sabarnye nak balik M'sia for the prosperity burger! Is it still as yums as before? Get well very soon! ;)

reena said...

Selamat pengantin baru Reza & isteri! Eh, Beards Papa ada choc fondant? Dulu suka gila dia punya cream puff.

Marliza Radzi said...

Wawek: Ada tempat yang tak pandai buat kurang sos, tak sedap.

Reena: Ada! Rasa dia taklah extravagant tapi simple & good enough as choc fix ;)

AyinEmran said...

Wahh, pengantin baru tag along dgn Mak Tok sekali? Bestnya diorg. Tapi at least Hadi will be there when you get back from kursus kan.

Semoga cepat cepat sembuh!

Anak Mami said...

I love love love Barakallah! It's a wedding song I think tapi macam best sangat.

Lamanya tak comment siniiiiii...

Marliza Radzi said...

Ayin: Bright side :)

Anakmami: Perfect song to be played at a wedding!

kuku said...


U r with ARSAJB?
I was with ARSAMK, for abt 5 or 6 years back.. :)

Slmt Berkenalan ..

NBJ (U may notice this initial while getting to our ELEPHANT project.. ye ke nama project itu mcm tu??? Lebih kurang la, dah tak ingat) Org2 lama tahu la sapa itu Paul Tan..Kak Aishah..Kak She..bla bla bla..

madame blossom said...

I love the title on this post. :) In fact I like your post titles.