Sunday, December 26, 2010


I'm gonna start a little something I'd like to call Pictorial Saturday/Sunday because sometimes I take a lot of pictures on the weekends, especially pictures of the little one, and I always seem to be flooding Insta.gram with them. Haha. No lah. Saja. Wanna share. But too malas to write a proper entry. Hence the pictorial thingy. So yeah, here's the first one, with Hadi on voice over. Hehehe.

"Papa and Mama had lunch at PappaRich while I slept *sulk* Then Mama went to FabulousMom next door to get the Fridge-To-Go thingy and bought me this lame rattle for me to nibble on. I like the sunny thingy though."

"Then off we went to Jusco Bukit Indah 'cause my parents have nothing better to do. Mama bought herself a little something from Crocs and she told me she's a happy camper" *roll eyes*

"I was bored so Papa thought a Batmobile ride would be fun"

"Boy he was wrong. It was my first time. I was so overwhelmed I screamed for the first 5 secs! But I did enjoy it after that. Thanks Papa!"

"After a visit to the Baby Room for change of clothes and some milk, Mama thought I'd like to try out one of the walkers. Well Papa, now I want one!"

"Yeah I was sulking because Mama refused to give me her ais kacang!"

"So she tried to entice me with the lame rattle" *roll eyes*

"It was raining heavily outside so Papa decided to get his hair cut. Camewhored with Mama while waiting. Hey I like mirrors!"

"That's all for today! I'm so tired. Time for milk and sleep. Nitey nite!"

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Anonymous said...

comel!!! what else to say...:D
sungguh!!!..i liike...

Along said...

has anybody tell u hadi is one handsome boy?

ramai dah?

good, coz it's true much! hemmmsemmmm sangats!

Marliza Radzi said...

Hahaha! Yeay!

Alin said...

muka hadi ni sweetlah geram...