Tuesday, September 28, 2010

You should tweet your problems to the world.” – Laurie, Cougar Town.

There is a quote by Tiffany William saying, “Every song in your play list has at least one meaning of your life.” I have 50 Cents’ Candy Shop in mine. What does that say about my life? That I like going to candy shops (read: brothel) to buy candies (read: girls)? Nice.

I have quite a number of 50 Cents tracks in my iPod Touch play list. One of my favourites has got to be his duet with Ciara, Can’t Leave ‘Em Alone. Well I’m a nigga at heart. Whaddup!

The previous paragraph is as offensive as Doug and Carrie’s anniversary gift to Deacon & Kelly, the jazz statue they bought in Harlem (well, I did use the N word). You’d get me if you watch last night’s King of Queens. Oh I adore Monday Night Laughs. And with the latest season of How I Met Your Mother, my Monday nights couldn’t be more perfect.

And isn’t iPhone 4 drool worthy? My N97 broke down on me for the second time this month, and this time, 2 days after the launch of iPhone 4 – isn’t that a sign that I should join in the craze and get myself one of those pretty little thing? Don't you think so, Hubby?

Hadi’s latest development? No, he has yet to roll himself. Berat bontot. But I don’t mind. He’ll get there eventually. Hey Makcik, stop comparing my son to other babies. All babies develop at their own paces and while mine may not roll here and there just yet, he can talk, OK! If you count “Emek” as “Mama” and “Enggek” as “Milk”, that is.

Oh he drools a lot. It’s like his forte nowadays. Imagine Hadi’s Resume – ‘Bakat: Merembes dan menyembur air liur secara berkuasa.’ And yes, I gugur rambut like nobody’s business. Bertaburan di rumah bagai cherry blossom di Tokyo pada bulan April.

Who can say no to affordable Air Asia flights to Tokyo? Siapa? Siapa? Pastinya saya! Travel period: Cherry Blossom season. How tempting. But, isk isk. Yes, in lack of better words… isk isk.

Did you notice that there is no advert promoting infant milk for newborn to 6 months? I just realized it recently when I saw Wyeth adverts promoting their Wyeth Mama, S26 Progress Gold and S26 Promise Gold, but not S26 and S26 Gold. A subtle act to promote breastfeeding atau memang adalah regulations? Enlighten me.

Oh topics on baby stuffs memang tak akan pernah habis. What diaper would you experienced mommies say the best? I’m using Huggies for day use and MamyPoko for nighttime (I just recently realized MamyPoko is spelled with a Y and not an I) but my cousin says both are bad for babies’ sensitive skin and she recommended PetPet instead. What say you?

Have you seen the 8 months pregnant Amber Chia (on the cover of Parenthood)? *Piap!* Now that’s the sound of jealousy pang. She does not seem to have any extra pregnancy fat except for a bump on her belly! Imagine a hot supermodel body, now add an adorable baby bump. Pffft! Some people, Heidi Klum and Giselle included, are so damn lucky.

And if you’re wondering about my post-pregnancy body, stop it. Spare me your thoughts.

I’m longing to go on a relaxing vacation somewhere. Where workloads and other people do not matter. Where I can spend quality time with my two boys. Where sun is bright and sky is blue and air-conditioned is available. Let’s, Hubby?

I make sure I have at least 10 minutes of me-time every morning. Each morning after Subuh prayer and after I have finished getting ready for the day, I sit at one corner, eat my cereals and read my magazine. I think it is important for my sanity. Hah!

Oh Tun Mahathir the Musical? Like I tweeted the day after the show, I had nothing much to tweet about the musical. Hubby and I agreed that they should have showcased more of Tun M’s journey that we know little about. Like how he is as a friend, student, father, husband.

The first half of the musical was not bad, it was fun in fact; with the adorable boy portraying Tun M as a child and the super cute Zizan Nin as young and passionate Tun M. Enter Esma Daniel and the musical became dull. Maybe it’s the script. Maybe it’s Esma Daniel’s lack of stage experience. Maybe it’s the serious political stuffs. Maybe it's just me. But second half of the show; let’s just say I almost fell asleep. Yes, that bad.

Can you see Esma Daniel’s uncanny resemblance to the great Tun M? Sangatlah! But that’s not enough, dude. Go enroll yourself into an acting school lah. Drama bolehlah, but to carry such a prominent role in a musical theater held at such a prominent venue, you gotta be better lah. Even the supporting actors were better; like the afro boy yang nak tampal poster, Tun M’s childhood friend yang ajak mengail, that dude who recited the DEB policy – they all shone.

Eh 3 paragraphs? I thought I had nothing much to shout about? Yang baguslah tak banyak. Kalau kritik memang lajulah. Nanti pengarah TMTM kata, “Eleh kau kritik pandailah. Cuba arah teater sikit!” To that I jawab, “Sebab aku tak pandai seni persembahanlah aku pergi tengok saja. Kalau aku pandai seni persembahan, aku tak jadi lawyer. Faham?” Emo.

I have yet to read a proper review/critic on the musical. Ada tak? All I know, according to Marina Mahathir, her daughter was not impressed. I would not be too if Tun M is my tok wan. I’d be like, “Hey dude, yes you Esma Daniel! Bad impersonation. My tok wan is nothing like that!” Yep.

Wah it’s almost 4 and I have yet to express my EBM today. There are days when you feel so malas dan memerlukan motivasi to do so. But maybe that’s just me; I am sure most breastfeeding mommies mempunyai disiplin yang lebih tegar. Oh if you’re new to breastfeeding, my advice is, read up! Perlu ilmu untuk sukses.

Some stopped trying because their babies failed to latch. Some gave up because they suffered from cracked, sore nipples. Some did not bother to try because they have inborn problems like inverted nipples. But there are solutions to all these! So yes, you’ve got to read up, sembang banyak-banyak dengan other breastfeeding mommies – because you need the support group, trust me - and most importantly, don’t give up.

Aaah it’s been a while since I last bebel randomly here. Well I got Twitter for that. Yeay to Twitter! It feels good though, to rant. It always does.

Gotta go pump now. My baby is unwell, gonna go bring him to see his paed at 5.30. Oh just so you know, I call expressing EBM Projek Lembu. My husband calls me Lembu Tenusu. I was supposed to be flattered if I perceive it as him being proud with my ability and determination to feed my child with my own milk. But I’m a woman lah nyah! Of course I perceive it as him trying to tell me that I am fat. Ngeh. Nah, he meant well. Not! Yes, I'm complex like that.

I miss my mom. And yes, I am fat. Totally random. Yep.


reena said...

Bak Erma Fatima tweeted, "It takes a Hero to potray another Hero". Lebih kurang camtu la bunyinya. Huhu.

Go get iPhone 4! :)

Y- A-T-T said...

reena: awh, erma did say that? sangat setuju.

btw sayang, ko dah kurus lah. x gemuk dah! aku ni haaa. gemOOOkkkk.

Marliza Radzi said...

Reena: Aptly said by Erma!

Yatt: You're not fat, you're pregnant! ;D

ska said...

tak silap sy kwn sy yg kerja as nutrition advisor pernah beritau yg mmg ada regulations tak boleh buat advert formula milk utk newborn babies. masa tu baru sy perasan iklan formula milk kat tv mesti model dia baby yg dah besar sikit. sy rasa regulations ni indirectly to promote breastfeeding jugak pd newborn. kan?

Marliza Radzi said...

SKA: Bagusnya!

fieza said...

MamyPoko does not hurt your baby skin... But, it will hurt your pocket.. hahah

Depends actually on your baby's skin. Yuni doesn't go with DryFirst-> Rash teruk giller padahal pakai sekejap je. She goes well with BabyLike (cheapest brand, I think) -> Thanks Yuni for saving my $$$ hehe

But, PetPet is widely used by parents yang aku pernah jumpe lah... hehe Trial and error I guess :)

HW said...

TMTM was just OK lah, still takleh lawan P.Ramlee The Musical IMO tapi seronok dpt tgk & lepak dgn korang! Next Natrah, jom? :P

Khayra guna sama mcm Hadi & she could not tolerate with Drypers sb tak sesuai dgn kulit dia, so rasanya it depends on your baby.

Alaa, takpe slowly Hadi akan merangkak & so on. Khayra berjalan at 14 months tau & still makes me proud! Hahahah!


AyinEmran said...

again, love love ur ramblings.


Marliza Radzi said...

Fieza: Haha MamyPoko memang pricey but for a reason - it's very kering & tahan.

Wahida: Yes yes, best lepak dengan korang!!!

Ayin: Thank you bebeh, you're too kind : P

Shafini Mustafha said...

Am, Huggies ok ape..malam pakai yang boleh up for 10 hours tu..selesa aje. skin baby pun ok.

Adam minum S26-Wyeth instead of breast milk. (so sad sebab honey tak ada susu badan).

far said...

setuju ngan aying. we just love your ramblings dear. sape lg yg boleh ramble best mcm ni? hehe...

madulebah said...

kakak tak ada perasaaan nak membaca lah sejak pregnant kecuali blog. ha ha ha.. orang lain sibuk beli majalah Pa&Ma segala.. Entah lah.. Tapi memang banyak cari maklumat pasal BF lah.. kena ada motivasi kan utk BF sepenuhnya..

Eh awak tak gemuk lah.. ke gemuk yang tersorok? hiks

Rin said...

errr..okay..sungguh random ;)

Marliza Radzi said...

Honey: Yalah sebab baby Honey mula-mula haritu tak duduk dengan Honey kan? Jauh tu Pahang - Shah Alam, macam mana nak breastfeed? Hehehe.

Far; Ramai lagi orang lainlah. Bebel aku merepek :P

Madulebah: Gemuk tersurat dan tersirat semua ada! Haha. Kakak, baca buku breastfeeding untuk ibu bekerjaya tu, simple je. FabulousMom ada jual, RM10 saja rasanya.

Arin: Random indeed :D

madulebah said...

AM : A'ah haritu masa beli breast pump ada beli sekali buku.. baca lah yang tu.. yes harga RM10 je.. ;)

Marliza Radzi said...

Madulebah: Hehe. Bagus bagus dah beli pump awal-awal. Beli apa?

far said...

kin, ade dpt sms tak?

Marliza Radzi said...

Kindy sayang, phone rosak. Phone aku pinjam from Daud habis batt, lupa charge. I'm phone-less today. What's up, bebeh?

kano said...

Adinda AM sayang, pedulikan ape orang nak cakap. setiap manusia tu berlainan.

menarik para rambut gugur tu.mmg xleh nak watpe.samela kite.

bab diaper tu, ikut la yg mana sesuai ngan Hadi. anak2 gua pakai huggies. ada setengah2 budak, yg murah2 pun diorang belasah je. asalkan ok ngan kulit diorang.

dalam hati ni, tingin sangat nak tengok Hadi.L.I.V.E. (sedey)

~Sasha Farina~ said...

mana ada fat?? cantik jer akak tengok!

sharel said...

We fit umayr with PetPet during the day and Mamypoko at night. unlike Huggies, bestnya Mamypoko kerana strap dia senang nak cabut and of course absorption power dia sungguh hebat (harga pun hebat..)

Tapi antara semua, paling bagus ialah Lampin..ada rajin cuci?

Lembu? hmmm..pelik la korang ni..

Marliza Radzi said...

Kano: InsyaAllah, bila ada jodoh & rezeki, bertemulah kita semua :D Gambar latest Affan & Ammar please!

Sis Sasha: You're too nice!

Sharel: Lampin? Adoilah! Macam manalah mak-mak dulu-dulu manage?!

Ayu kawan Ayuni said...

AM; (ur twitter update....lazing is American kan? lazying is Britain)

Marliza Radzi said...

Ayu: Is it? Tak pernah tau boleh guna 'lazying'! Tadi tu typo. Thanks! :D

thehealthinspector: said...

hahah..dah lama tak baca Am membebel..sungguh entertaining =) adam pakai pampers comfort..ok je. Dryfirst (bkn drypers) is tak best sbb kalau penuh dia punya gel tu cam klua sket.. drypers is a bit keras compared to pampers.. plus skrg aku tgh try cloth diapers..ok jugak + comel, sampai laki aku lupa pakaikan anak dia sluar..haha

Adalah akan start keja ari selasa dan trus onkol..huwaa... dokana aku berjaya mengepam juga..
lembu tenusu?? tsskkkk :p

thehealthinspector: said...

ops.. dokana = doakan

Marliza Radzi said...

thehealthinspector: selamat memerah!!! (nak gak lah try cloth diaper one day nanti)

Anonymous said...

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Schneider said...

hahah..dah lama tak baca Am membebel..sungguh entertaining =) adam pakai pampers comfort..ok je. Dryfirst (bkn drypers) is tak best sbb kalau penuh dia punya gel tu cam klua sket.. drypers is a bit keras compared to pampers.. plus skrg aku tgh try cloth diapers..ok jugak + comel, sampai laki aku lupa pakaikan anak dia sluar..haha Adalah akan start keja ari selasa dan trus onkol..huwaa... dokana aku berjaya mengepam juga.. lembu tenusu?? tsskkkk :p