Monday, November 30, 2009

You’re just warm. You’re like your own sun.”
– Bella Swan to Jacob Black, New Moon.

How was your weekend, dear friends? Mine was pleasurably great; it was undoubtedly a 4-days leave well spent. But of course, the only downside to a great weekend is when it ends. Haish. So anyways, I’m sleepy and have nothing noteworthy to pen down, so I decide to share my weekend here. It’s a hugely uninteresting entry so you may leave now. Ngeh.

We went back to my parents’ place for Aidil Adha. Ibu cooked the best raya dishes; inclusive of Sambal Daging, Rendang Ayam, Sambal Tumis Udang and of course, my favourite, Kari Daging. Trust me, my mom makes the best Kari Daging. Simply scrumptious.

I just had to share this picture of one of the three cows that were sacrificed because this particular cow was a rebel! Tidak redha at all untuk berkorban. Huhu. I shall now refrain myself from making any inappropriate jokes. Ngeh.

We were a bunch of pemalas so instead of mengikut jejak langkah my mom and dad who went to Balai after the korban to help out with melapah, memasak and what not, Hubby, Little Bro and myself went shopping instead. Ngeh! Oh please understand, we don’t have an OU (or its like) here in JB so excuse us for being selfish and jakun. Kah kah.

My oh my, was I glad I was a pemalas?! YES in One Utama was so lazat! Even Armani Exchange pun ada discounted items up to 60%! Little Bro made fun of the fact that baru masuk 10 minit, I already bought something. Hubby bought them for me actually. A pair of mary jane flats from Charles & Keith on 30% discount. I love them to bits! We had fun shopping but no, I don’t feel like sharing semuanya that we bought. Hehehe.

My parents menyusul kemudian di The Curve and Ibu headed straight to Habib Jewels. Hehe. Habib is on sale! If you’re looking for engagement/wedding jewelry or simply terasa like getting yourself a gift for being a good girl all year round, go get yourself a nice piece of jewelry while YES lasts, girls!

Oh before The Curve, we actually spent 2 hours in Bentley. Hubby and Little Bro went crazy testing all sorts of instruments and after the first 1/2 hour, I almost died out of boredom. Haha. They had so much fun though.

Makan bersama keluarga adalah salah satu perkara kegemaran saya dalam hidup ini, harap maklum. Oh there's a peek at my new camera, Blackie :)

The next day, Hubby went home pagi-pagi by car but I stayed at my parents’ and took a later flight at night. Sedih betul ketika mahu pulang ke JB; the only thing that kept me going was the realization that my lovely Hubby was waiting for me to come home to him, and I guess that will always be enough.

This is starting to kelihatan seperti sebuah laporan Cuti Hujung Minggu Saya. What the heck. Leave now, if you must. Ngeh.

Upon arriving at the JB airport, we went straight to his cousin’s majlis aqiqah which lasted until wee hour in the morning. Letih yang teramat. We were so tired we fell asleep on the MIL’s couch there and then. Oh but I had the yummiest dinner at the kenduri; Sup Tulang with sambal belacan, timun and ikan kering. Such simple dish but simply delicious.

Sunday came and broke my heart. Hahaha. Sungguh over. Sunday morning, we had our brunch at a local kopitiam (you can read more on this here) and later, we ended our holiday in perfection with Swensen’s and New Moon.

Yeah, I succumbed to society pressure and dragged Hubby down with me. At the risk of offending Twilighters, I think New Moon is way overrated. Rotten Tomatoes rated the movie 29% and to be frank, I agree with them. The movie has some interesting scenes and good lines here and there, but overall, it’s too slow to the point of memengantukkan and too jiwang even for my standard. Kirsten Stewart was beautiful though. Rob Pattinson was looking too pale and too depressed for my liking this time around. But Jacob Black, my oh my, need I say more? Ngeh. I undoubtedly prefer the first instalment of the saga, but overall, it was okay lah.

Oh and guess which team I am with? Edward versus Jacob. Friendship blossoming into love, loving the one you’re with, choosing the right guy who makes you happy – I’m all for that! So yeah, I’m definitely Team Jacob!

How this Cuti Hujung Minggu Saya report turned into a review on New Moon, sayapun tidak tahu. Have a good week, people!

Be warm and sunny like Jacob, will you?

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