Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Welcome to real life. It sucks. You’re gonna love it!
- Monica Geller in FRIENDS.

Watching Monica said goodbye to Rachel on FRIENDS this morning and stalking Zaza’s photos of her last few days in uni, reminds me of the day I left the small, cozy house I rented with my best friends in my uni years. It was truly a sad day, watching our empty room as Far packed her stuffs away. There were just too many memories there.

We laughed, we bickered, we fought, we did so many things together, my best friends and I, but mostly we laughed.

(4 out of 8 of) my girls and I, on our last day at our busuk Law School.
4 tahun yang lalu. It's amazing how fast time flies.

I miss my girls so much. It’s not the same nowadays. It could never be. We’re suck into the exhausting rate race of real life. We got ourselves new crowds. We moved on. I miss the olden good days.

When everything was much simpler. When I didn’t have bills to fret about. When I could spend the whole evening hanging out with friends like nobody’s business. When I didn’t have to worry sick about deadlines and what not. When I didn’t have to constantly wait until the 28th for my monies, knowing that JPA and my parents will take care of that. When I had Far by my side 24/7. When I knew my angels were just a phone call away. When I didn’t have to get all stressed out with people around me who finds joy in asking me about babies and stuff. When the only stress I knew about was the day before the exam. Yikes. Yeah, back when everything was much simpler.

But yes, with an ending comes a new beginning. Leaving school means getting myself the career I’ve always dreamt of, albeit exhausting, it’s mine and I’m thankful for it. Leaving friends means getting new friends, and I’ve been blessed with some very good friends along the way. Leaving my parents means getting to venture into this wonderful, wonderful married life. And I’m thankful to Allah for all that.

Real life sucks, but I guess I love it.

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