Sunday, February 03, 2008

Through the wrinkles of time
Through the bowed frame of years

Set in silver-ish white and Tiffany blue, Jaja and Syahrill’s wedding reception was heartfelt and elegantly grandeur. Our dearest Jaja looked radiant and beautiful, Syahrill was his ever cool self and we couldn’t be happier for the newlyweds. It was a lovely, lovely, lovely wedding indeed.

Happy happy faces!

And on Sunday, we witnessed our dearest Aniz got engaged to her beau of 6 years Muhaimin, in a lovely engagement ceremony. Aniz was beautiful (as always) and we are very, very happy for the beautiful couple.

Isn't Aniz gorgeous?

I love this shot of Aniz & Elin.
Of Pride and Envy. Hahaha!

[I am under strict instruction to mention that the 3rd photo was shot by Elin]

Witnessing my best friends entering new phases of their lives gives a glow in my heart and it feels real good :) Many happy returns, girlfriends!

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