Tuesday, February 26, 2008

So take the photographs and still frames in your mind

This photo was shot by my Little Bro, whose self-proclaimed genre of photography is Fotografi Jujur. I like the glowy effect. Fotografi Jujur, mengikut definisi adik saya itu, ialah fotografi tanpa editing. Jika anda sangkakan adik saya tidak menggemari editing kerana beliau tidak mahir menggunakan PS, anda silap; beliau Architecture student, yang tidak dapat tidak perlu mahir menggunakannya. He simply wants a photo to be good because it is, not because of some editing skill that most photography enthusiasts are keen about these days. Although he is nowhere near great (dan hanyalah photographer cikai who only got paid to shoot his friend's gigs), I think he has potential. Ingin saya nyatakan bahawa gambar saya yang begitu serius itu sebenarnya diambil ketika upacara membuka hadiah yang menggembirakan di rumah pengantin.

This photo was taken from this entry by Green Apple, which is the first entry that really blew me away. With only 10% of editing and 90% of 'proses menahan panas terik semasa memicit shutter', I was very, very impressed. And the rest, as they say, is history. Heh.

I am not a photography enthusiast simply because I have no skill whatsoever but I do appreciate good photographs and admire great shooters. And the one I’m really obsessed about these days are the husband and wife team of Nate and Jaclyn Kaiser from The Image Is Found!

They are too good, aren't they?! For more great wedding shots, go here.

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