Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The answer to my prayers from up above

Second entry of the day. I’m that gloomy, I couldn’t bring myself to attend to the workloads anymore. Menyampah. So hi again! Here goes.

I was having some trouble with my credit card when I was about to make an online purchase via for our honeymoon package. So I called the CIMB Customer Care and in order to verify my identity, the helpful personnel asked me a series of standard questions including who did I put as the person to contact in case of emergency (or in Yang and Meredith’s term, my Person). At first, I told him my dad’s name. But after a 5 seconds pause I asked him, “Or is it _____?” (the fiancé’s name). He told me it’s the latter.

On that moment, it hits me. Wow. I’m finally trusting someone enough for him to replace my dad as my emergency contact. I know it might seem trivial to you but it is not to me. It is a huge change. Tunang gua pun terharu wa cakap lu. Heh. It is not just about some name on some stupid form. It is about opening my heart and letting him in, with hope and faith.

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