Friday, June 29, 2007

You have become my addiction
I am so strung out on you

Betapa luar biasanya nikmat berbuka puasa semalam kerana betapa luar biasanya keletihan yang dialami.

Betapalah sukarnya untuk membeli. I’ve been searching high and low for this particular Elle handbag but to no avail. Ada di Midvalley but not in the colour yang diingini. And today I went to Sogo (Madness! People were berebut-ing over everything) with intent to buy this particular shoe I saw in Eh! but again, to no avail. Baguslah, selamat RM gua (for now).

I finally got the car; the latest addition to the family is named Minami. Disebabkan ia adalah AMT, in my world, that would mean it is a khunsa or that it swings both ways (Get it? Auto = Female, Manual = Male. Ngee) Like I told Sweetheart and Naem, I named it Minami kerana Ultraman Ace is a khunsa too (Hakuto + Minami = Ultraman Ace) but calling it Ultraman Ace macam tak comel. So Minami it is. Shadap you.

I am in love with Mika’s Life in Cartoon Motion; been listening to the cd (juga lanun) over and over again, in the car, at the office. Gua addicted lah beb.

Enjoy your weekend, people! I know I would. Teehee.

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