Thursday, May 31, 2007

Laughter is a tranquilizer with no side effects ~ Arnold Glasow

Ini hari I was rushing here and there, doing this and that. Had to rush to Banting Land Office in the morning sebab sengaja mem-bangunlambat-kan diri. After that, rushed to SACC Mall to get flowers for Naem. Rushed to meet Naem at Masjid S.Alam before her convocation. Rushed to the office to finish up a legal opinion due today. Adrenaline pumping is good for the heart kan?

I’ve already bought 6 magazines this month dan semuapun tak habis baca. Hantu majalah mana entah yang merasukiku. I bought Cleo for the 50 bachelors, bought Pesona Pengantin sebab memang beli every month, bought Aksi for the first time (syhhh) because I am (kinda) obsessed with Mila, bought EH! as they featured their wedding edition, bought InTrend because I was in need of reading material in Melaka court tempoh hari (I usually ada bahan bacaan anywhere I go tapi itu hari tertinggal) and I bought HOT! for their Grey’s Anatomy special spreads.

Speaking of Grey’s, semalam aku baru sedar bahawa McVet adalah Chris O Donnel, and when I told 3 good friends tentang betapa lembabnya aku, I got mixed, comel reactions: Aniz in her usual comel-ness said, “Astaghfirullah. Am.. Am.. Robin jadi vet.” Ayin lagi best, “Sape Chris O Donnel? Sounds familiar tapi”, and Ayunik replied with “Haha kesian baru tahu” and then she berlagak something about being seated at ND Lala’s table. Hot? Not! HHH!

Sekianlah merapu untuk hari ini.

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