Monday, April 16, 2007

S. W. E. E. T. E. S. C. A. P. E

I miss not having to go to work, I miss berfoya-foya, I miss Kuching city, I miss shopping. But mostly I miss having him around. Huhu it was a sweet escape, but now, back to reality. To cut a long story (of our 4 days in Kuching) short, here’s sharing some piccies:

1st row, L-R: Suitcase all set – The view from up there – Our hotel, with Sarawak river view – kucing in Kuching.

2nd row: More kucing in Kuching – The ethnicity in Kuching – Gorgeous birthday pressie from Sweetheart (the watch, FYI) Love it! – Its cute box.

3rd row: Teh tarik, Kuching style – Delma dearie with her mom, after solemnization ceremony – Scoops, where we had delicious ice cream – Lepaking at Coffee Bean.

4th row: Roar (from a temple) – Tiket wayang Jangan Pandang Belakang, old school! – Delicious sea foods at riverside restaurant – See/Hear/Say no evil.

More piccies?

1st row: Ibubapa at the back with Little Bro and Sweetheart di depan, di Tasik Biru – Serikin, a shoppers’ haven – Shoppers tegar meredah hujan – Sweetheart with cute payung.

2nd row: Matahari terbenam di Waterfront – De Crimson, where Sweetheart membelanjaku makan (a belated birthday dinner) – Another shopping heaven – Ibu terpegun dengan penemuan harta karun.

3rd row: Delma & Nizam’s lovely reception yang penuh adat – Sweethearts at the wedding, mengambil berkat – Bergambar poyo di airport before leaving Kuching – Bergambar takde kerja di troli semasa menanti waktu check in.

4th row: Antara hasil2 rembatan (banyak lagi not in picture :-P) = Beads bought by Little Bro – Ikan terubuk masin we borong-ed at Pasar Satok – Me likey beaded slippers, 1 for me, 1 for Far – A new home for my gelang-gelangan plus some new gelang-gelangan.

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