Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Once the game is over,
the king and the pawn go back in the same box.

First day of work in 2007. Masih dengan old habit of meneroka Internet seketika ketika bekerja (hence, this entry) and I have no plan to change for the better. Yet.

Genap setahun berada di HSK. On this date last year, I was an unsuspecting fresh graduate; happy and thankful to be accepted to chamber in such a nice firm, got acquainted with some new friends, boss was on leave, berfoya-foya dengan penuh malu-malu. One year later, masih thankful, masih berfoya-foya now and then tetapi tidak malu-malu lagi, masih happy dan alhamdulillah, di tahap yang lebih maju (and my boss, masih on leave, 1st day of school, kan?)

In my 24 years of age, I never celebrate New Year. Why aah? On the night of 31st Dec 2006, while other people are partying and countdown-ing and what not, I was home, doing what I love most, reading.

This morning I nearly hit an X-Trail, thanks to my blind spot.

I had mee hailam for lunch dan telah menghasilkan corak-corak indah di tudung berwarna krimku hasil percikan kuah mee hailam itu. Tension, boleh?

And now I am munching Biskut Tiger. Mahu gendut?

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