Tuesday, January 09, 2007

A good friend is a connection to life -
a tie to the past, a road to the future,
the key to sanity in a totally insane world.

Growing up watching too much of American television, I am quite familiar with the idea of sorority. Aku rasa korangpun, kan? There is this MTV production, Sorority Girls, a reality show about a sorority community in University of Buffalo and it shows how the rushees had to kiss ***, mengampu, mengipas, how they had to please the ‘sisters’, in order to be chosen as one of the pledges dan selanjutnya menjadi ‘sisters’ lah.

I personally think the idea of sorority is fine; you get to be one of the chosen ones, get to live in a beautiful house with the other chosen ones, get to be involved in healthier activities and stuffs. It is okay, as long as one is in it for the right reason.

Tetapi to feel belong? Kasihannya. There is this one girl, when interviewed by MTV, dipetik sebagai berkata, she wanted to join the sorority so that she will always have friends, will always feel belong, will always have someone to laugh with and to turn to in trouble. Ya Tuhan, the naivety. Is that how we define/get friends sekarang? Maybe if she is lucky she will get sahabat sejati simply by going to interviews and getting a bid. Mudahnyalah sangat.

Anyways, who needs sorority when your housemates are your best friends living happily in your own (rented) baiti jannati? Who needs sorority when your university years boleh diserikan dengan mereka ini? Siapa? Siapa? Then again, unless for the right reason.

P/S: Sesungguhnya topik ini tidak relevan dengan sistem pendidikan tinggi nasional. Sekadar ingin berkongsi sebuah cerita yang ditonton.

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