Thursday, December 28, 2006

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Apa? World Wide Wait? Taiwan quake brings internet almost to a standstill? For few precious hours, we got to feel how it would be to go back to the time when the world was not without sempadan. And I don't like it. Bleurgh. Kerana? I had to fully utilise my time on work and not having Internet to berlibur seketika ketika bekerja apabila telah malas/ dizzy/ penat (I have short attention span problem. Kunun). It is true what they say about realising how much we love something/someone only when it's/he's/she's gone. I love My Internet Explorer. I so love you, Internet Explorer!!!!

In case you don't get why I couldn't stop listening to Kenny Rogers' ballads semalam (kerana aku mahu korang paham), ialah kerana ballad songsnya sangatlah indah. Try listening to Through The Years, Lady, She Believes In Me (my PMS song), You Decorated My Life, All I Need Is You, etc etc, you will surely understand me. With his beautiful masculine voice, he serenades and worships his ladies. My hero. Ngeh ngeh.

Updated on Friday, 29.12.2006: Appeal For Flood Victims

All cash contributions are to be made payable to: "Malaysian Red Crescent Society" or Maybank A/C No - 5144 2210 3788 or call Tel: +603 - 4257 8726, Fax: +603 - 4257 3537 (Operations Room) for details. More details can be found here.

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