Tuesday, December 05, 2006

There is no giving in
There is no giving up in love


(1) Was Su’s last day at work. You will be sorely missed, babe. All the best!

(2) I managed to finish a lot of pending works. Yeay me.

(3) Aku terkenang my revelation with Little Bro on last Friday after watching AC Di Sini bahawa how huge of an icon Ogy Ahmad Daud is. She is practically the 80’s diva. I mean, she is the ultimate mat rempit babe Azura, the dewi cinta in Dewi Cinta (Ingat tak? Filem JV with Indonesia, in which Azmil Mustafa makan bunga ros) and she is of course the Asmidar. She is Asmidar! That is huuuuuugeeee!

(4) After reading
Nijoh’s blog, I realised that I have the view of KLCC and KL Tower from my office room. Gila coolness.

(5) I have a date with Dr. Mc Dreamy which is coming up in less than 10 minutes. Yihaa yippee yeay!

(6) I wonder and ponder, how sedih dan letih it must be for the person yang lebih menyayangi di dalam satu-satu perhubungan. Seperti Se-Na (Jang Nara’s character) in The Wedding, Rashidi Ishak’s character in Cinta and Matsu Takako's character in Love Generation (to name a few). So if you have to choose, would you rather love or be loved?

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