Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Conscience whispers, but interest screams aloud

Let’s talk vain. Everyone seems to be supporting the latest government’s campaign: Mari Shopping. Everyone with enough fund, that is. My only self indulgence during this campaign so far are the book and the magazine on the left picture, itupun dengan ihsan my sweetheart dari kejauhan. Today I did spend some money anyway; dengan ikhlas membelikan Ibu DVD Siti Nurhaliza’s Royal Albert Hall Concert (Ibu seems to be loving Siti even more lately) dan toiletries (sahaja) for yours truly (as the RM20 shirt I was aiming telah lenyap dari Sogo itu). Maybe I’ll join the happy happy, joy joy crowd apabila I am sure that my August allowance (plus claims to court of course) is enough to last for the month. Yakin boleh. By the way, August’s Female is a must read (fun!); I am yet to finish The Zahir, but am loving it so far. Oh people, dalam keriuhan membuang RM, go menderma, mudah sahaja, type DERMA 1 (or 5 or 10) and send it to 32999 (Malaysian Charities it is) - a very simple way to make a change. Apa ni aku merapik ni. Killing time before Desperate Housewives starts at 8TV / Kevin Hill at Star World. I hate when two (or more) good shows clash. Eurgh. Got to go and take dinner. I am even more merapik when my stomach berbunyi-bunyi.

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